Advanced Analytic Tools

Analysis is About Insight Not Numbers

Today's software marketplace is full analytic software vendors who are selling "solutions". It would appear for the mere cost of a license problems will be structured, data will be organized, and answers to hard problems will appear as if almost by magic. KaDsci develops tools that will allow users to honestly answer tow key analytic questions, "so what? and "why?" In order to do this analytic software needs to be grounded in solid science - KaDSci strives to ensure all levels of the modeling pyramid are transparent, allowing analyst the clarity the require to do penetrating analysis -- KaDSci knows that difficult problems don't get easy - They can become tractable with quality advanced computing tools

Sample Tools

FACTs is an open source collaboration toolset designed to facilitate the sharing and analysis of information to solve problems effectively and efficiently. It is powerful but extremely user-friendly. FACTs can help multi-disciplinary teams in both government and industry achieve previously elusive goals:

  • Finding, structuring, storing and sharing large amounts of data
  • Collaborating across disciplines and organizations
  • Providing easy user access to powerful analytics
  • Providing easy user access to powerful analytics

Open Source Tools

KaDSci strongly favors the use of open source analysis tools whenever possible. Every case of analytic tools development requires careful cost benefit analysis that considers existing COTS capability, learning curve, life cycle cost,,and most importantly best analytic value. We believe open source is well positioned make revolutionary changes in the analysis software marketplace over the over the long term. For more details click here