Senior Technical Support & Analysis

Seasoned Senior Professionals

KaDSci's senior staff averages over twenty years of experience leading and executing analysis efforts around the government and industry. Multiple advanced degrees and a publication record that is indicative of a leader in the field normally complement this experience. KaDSci is happy to provide this expertise directly to Government and commercial clients or as senior members of larger analysis and engineering teams for clients requiring niche analytic expertise.

Analysis is a team sport

The decision situations leaders in government and industry face are extremely complex. If the situation is important enough to warrant an investment in professional analysis then it will likely require a multi-disciplinary team to solve effectively. KaDsci's senior professionals specialize in assembling and leading such multi-disciplinary teams.

Recent Projects:

KaDSci teamed with SAVA Solutions to support the Army Materiel Command design, develop, and implement the Lead Materiel Integrator (LMI) organization in support of the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) model. The joint Government contractor team started with a blank sheet of paper and a list of requirements. Within 18 months a set of alternative concepts had been developed, Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), had been accomplished, and a LMI was up and running.