Basic & Applied Research

     KaDSci's core research capabilities emphasize the intersection of the decision, social, and analytic sciences. KaDsci has a demonstrated ability to lead and manage research efforts, as well as participate as a team member in support of either commercial or academic prime contract holders. KaDsci's team of experienced researchers have either completed or are executing research efforts in support of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) as well as other clients.

Examples of...


      IARPA's Aggregative Contingent Estimation (ACE) project. KaDSci is teamed with George Mason University to advance the state of science in the area of forecasting science. The project focuses on using a combination of human supported predictive markets and automated software agents to see how far the accuracy of forecasts can be improved.

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Multi-Agent Simulation

     KaDsci teamed with Carnegie Mellon University's CASOS Lab to develop multi-agent simulations that can help the IRS explore taxpayer behavior under a variety of conditions. The research provided the IRS (and other agencies) fast running multi-agent simulations that have complex representations of human decisions under a variety of conditions.

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Carley and Maxwell - "Understanding Taxpayer Behavior" Proceedings of the 2006 IRS Research Conference

Maxwell and Carley (2009) "Principles for Effectively Representing Heterogeneous Populations in Multi-Agent Simulations", in Complex Systems in Knowledge Based Environments, Tolk, A. (editor) Springer-Verlag.